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District Tipperah and Noacolly including Hill Tipperah : 1861 to '65 & '72-'73
India and adjacent countries
India and adjacent countries
Indian atlas
Indian Atlas : parts of Districts Chánda and Raipur and Native States of Bastar and Kánker, District Raipur and of Native States Patna, Kalahandi, Kánker, Bastar and Jeypore
Map of Afghanistan 1871
Map of the Grand Trunk Road from the Karamnassa to the Sutledge : Part Second from Agra to Ferozepoor compiled by order of the lieutenant governor of the north western provinces in the Office of the Superintendent of the Grand Trunk Road
Plan of the country bordering the great trunk road between Calcutta and Benares based on the great triangulation and revenue survey operations to 1857
Shikar map of Kulu & Lahul