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Applied topology: motivations from data' point-set topology intro motivations from data, statistics, biology, etc.
Computing homology 2: practice' intro to algorithms/software; plex
Homology 1' intro to homology simplicial, cellular, cech, & more: simple applications
Imaging data sets' linear regression, projection pursuit, multidimensional scaling as methods of imaging data sets
Introduction to homotopy limits and colimits
Mapper for mapping' mapper as an imager. Importance of mapping. Applications of homology to mapping
Overview of Topological Data Analysis
Persistence and point clouds' Functoriality, diagrams, difficulties in classifying diagrams, multidimensional persistence, Gröbner bases
Persistent Homology and Applications
Representing Large and Complex Data
Spaces 1: complexes' cech, v-rips, witnesses, alpha, etc. & uses in data
Topological methods for large and complex data sets
Topology and data
Topology & data: The future'
Visualizing data via homology' image statistics data, range patches, neuroscience
Zig-zags and statistics' bootstrap method, zig-zag persistence, other applications of zig-zag persistence