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Zoographic Map of the South American Zoo
Yellow-crowned Night Heron in Rock Creek Park
World War I Scrapbook
Woolly Monkey
Wooded Hillside
Wood Ducks
Wood Ducks
Wood Duck
Wood Duck
With Canoe and Paddle
Winter Wooded Stream
Winter Wilderness
Winter Deer in Pines
Wings Across the Sky
Wing and Bill of Greater Snow Goose
Willow Tree
Wild Turkey
Wildlife Art in America [poster]
Wilderness Lodge
Wigeons with Cattails
Whooping Cranes
White-tailed Deer Duorama
White Swans over the Tundra
White Plume at Summit
White Pine, Height Four Feet
White Pine
White Pine
White Ibises
White Hawk, Screaming Hawk, Mexican Cormorant
White-fronted Geese
White Ash
Whistle-wings [Goldeneyes]
Water Plants, Reeds
Water Grade
Water and Rocks, South Pacific
Vine Maple
Vine Maple
Vine Maple
Venus Flytrap
Unitarian Church, Geneseo, Illinois
Two White-tailed Deer Does [print]
Two Tree Trunks with Vines
Two Sketches of a Prairie Scene, numbered 6, 7, and 8
Two Sketches of a Prairie Scene, numbered 4, 5, and 6