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A Continuum Theory of Thermoelectric Bodies and Proposed Large-scale Application in Energy Conversion
Algorithms for critical nucleation, microstructure evolution and materials design
A Variational Perspective on Cloaking by Anomalous Localized Resonance
Electrochemical Energy Storage Devices for Electrified Vehicles
Mesoscale Description of Defected Materials
Micromechanics Based Second Gradient Continuum Mechanics Theory for Cohesive Granular Materials
Network Formation and Ionic Conduction in Polymer Electrolyte Materials
Panel Discussion 2: Analytic and Computational Challenges in Ab-initio Through Continuum Modeling: Quantum Mechanics and Computational Chemistry
Panel Discussion 3: MGI and Education
Using Compressive Sensing to Uncover the Alloy Genome with High-Throughput Model Building