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A big fun going up to the front.
A few of our empties.
Alexandria YMCA in MexCamp with British West Indies Troops.
American YMCA Building in France. Army Y Slide Set
A tank in action.
Baby with two cabbages.
Baseball game. Group fo people with cars in a field outlside a city.
Boulogne: The Button Hut
British YMCA dugout on the Palestine front. Army Y Slide Set
Cairo: Interior of hut.
Cairo: Men sleeping
Cairo: Wounded in hut
Camels and people on a bath in Palestine(?).
Child near fireplace.
Christ College Cambridge dug-out interior
Collecting firewook in a ruined village.
Concert tent a Reninghelst, Belgium (drawing)
Custom House,Bowling Green, NYC Army Y Slide Set
First YMCA at Camp Wadsworth. Army Y Slide Set
Fixing fuses on Stokes mortars.