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Front elevation and first floor plan for YMCA building type I
Second floor plan of YMCA building type I
Annual and Quarterly Reports. Annual Reports of Local Associations in China, 1901-1945: Shanghai, 1919. (Box 20, Folder 22)
Subject Files. Chinese Labor Corps in France: Paris, 1919 (Box 88, Folder 13)
Carson Indian School, 1919. (Box 2, Folder 2)
National Council. Campaign, 1919. (Box 7, Folder 4)
National Council. Miscellaneous pamphlets and correspondence, 1892, 1919 and 1924-1930. (Box 6, Folder 5)
National Council. War Emergency Fund, 1919. (Box 7, Folder 5)
World War I. War Personnel Board. General, 1919. (Box 30, Folder 5)
World War I. War Personnel Board. Training Program of War Work Council, 1919. (Box 30, Folder 4)
Programs, Events and Activities. Miscellaneous material, 1855-1920. (Box 48, Folder 5)
Will, Oscar H., & Co. 1919 seed catalog
Fryer's New Iris Pamphlet
Annual Report for the year ending August 31, 1919, H. A. Wilbur
Annual Report Letter of Hollis A. Wilbur, Secretary, City Department, National Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations of China, for the year ending Sept. 30, 1919
Annual Report Letter of R. B. Wear, Secretary, Young Men's Christian Association, Yunnanfu, China, for the year enidng Sept. 30, 1919
Wilson P. Watkins, Annual Letter, Peking, China, August 18, 1919
Wilson P. Watkins, Annual Report, Peking, China, September 1, 1919
United For America : YWCA : Division for Foreign Born Women
Annual Letter, H. M. Wagner, Wuchang, Sept. 15th, 1919