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Program Records. Joint Committee for Equal Opportunity, 1940s. (Box 9, Folder 15)
Board of Directors. Race relations, 1940s-1970s. (Box 496, Folder 2)
Helen Keller with Joyce Balokovic
Judge Delany and Charles Evans Hughes at a Century Club dinner
Frank Rarig discusses his early days in Minnesota with Professor Howell
Frank Rarig discusses some of his famous students and growth of the University of Minnesota speech department
Frank Rarig discusses the teaching of oral interpretation with Professor Howell
Frank Rarig Talks to Howard Gilkenson about his career in speech
Frank Rarig Talks to Howard Gilkenson about his career in speech
Julius Nolte on Frank Rarig
Gallo and La Guardia
Exterior of Grand Lodge
United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration Director General Herbert H. Lehman
Letter from Erwin Oreck to Minnesota Arrowhead Association, Re: Gitchi Gumee Lodge, Duluth, Minnesota
Board Meeting dinner
YMCA Indian Guide boys
Pamphlets and other Publications. Communities Serve Their Young People, various versions, undated and 1940s (Box 4, Folder 17)
Formal gowns
DB Lawrence- The Farm Area
Oversized Materials. Maps, photos of Glacier Bay Fertilization Plots. Maps of Glacier Bay. Chart of Icy Strait or Crosssound Alaska. (Box 8, Map 11)