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Appendix to report of the Commissioner of Crown Lands, part II: Maps of Canada
Carte des chemins de fer et autres voies de communication de l'empire Français
Chapman's new sectional map of Minnesota
Chapman's sectional map of Wisconsin : with the most recent surveys
City & county map of New-York, Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, Jersey City & adjacent waters
Country bordering the Great Trunk Road between Benares and Dehli : complied from the Revenue Surveys, based on the Great Trigonometrical Operations, 1857
Map of Clayton County, State of Iowa
Map of Kashmir with part of adjacent mountains:
Map of the routes in India : with tables of distances between the pricipal military towns & military stations, showing also the
Map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean
Military map of India shewing the disposition of the armies of the Bengal, Madras, and Bombay presidencies and the present condition of the army of Bengal.
Sectional map of the surveyed portion of Minnesota and the northwestern part of Wisconsin
Sketch map of the Upper Meranzai and Koorum valleys
Sketch of the country between Umballah & Agra: taken from Joesph's map of the Trunk Road
Sketch of the country between Umballah & Agra : taken from Joesph's map of the Trunk Road
Sketch of the public surveys in the state of Wisconsin and territory of Minnesota.
South Africa
Stanford's map of India (Sheet 1)