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Balloon view--Boston Harbor
Balloon view - Cape Ann to Boston
Balloon view, Provincetown to Boston
Betts's new map of India, Birmah, the Punjaub and part of Afghanistan.
County map of Minnesota
Cram's new sectional map of the state of Minnesota : engraved from official draughts of each county.
Geological map of the Black Hills of Dakota
Geological map of the state of Ohio
Indian Territory, 1879
Map of California and Nevada, with parts of Utah & Arizona
Map of Hennepin County, Minnesota
Map of Hindoostan, Farther India, China, and Tibet
[Map of Texas and Indian Territory]
Map of the Black Hills of Dakota : from explorations made in 1875
Map showing the locations of works and surveys for river and harbor improvement : compiled for the Index to the Reports of the Chief of Engineers
Montana Territory, 1879
Pocket map of the state of Texas : reduced from their original map of the state and
Stanford's large scale map of Zulu Land with adjoining parts of Natal, Transvaal & Portuguese Africa
State of Colorado : compiled from the official records of the General Land Office and other sources