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Problems and Principles of Sex Education: A Study of 948 College Men
Pamphlets and other Publications. Vital Problems in Rural Leadership, by Walter J. Campbell, 1915 (Box 4, Folder 34)
General and Administrative. Assemblies and Conferences. Conference of the YMCA Community Boys' Work Secretary's Report, 1915 (Box 3, Folder 18)
1915 Mills seed company
Clark Gardner Nurseries, 1915 Hardy Blizzard Belt
Galloway Bros. & Co., 1915 Spring Bargains
Iowa Seed Co., 1915 Farm Seeds May
Iowa Seed Co., 1915 Golden Anniversary Edition
Iowa Seed Co., 1915 Seeds for summer (small booklet with letter)
Ratekin Nursery Co., 1915  31st year
Ratekin Nursery Co., circa 1915, Fruit & ornamental trees, shrubs, roses, climbing vines, etc
Ratekin Nursery Co., circa 1915 Special Bargains flyer
Shenandoah Nurseries wholesale bulletin no. 1, February 1915
Shenandoah Nurseries wholesale bulletin no. 2, March 1915
Earl Ferris Nursery, Hampton, Iowa 1914-1915
Everitt's OK™ Seed Store Improved Varieties of Seed Wheat 1915
Henry Field Seed Co. Annual Seed Catalogue 1915
1915/16 Price list Fall 1915-Spring 1916
1915 (2) William P. Stark Nurseries
1915 CIRCA, St. Louis Seed Co.
1915, St. Louis Seed Co.
31st Annual Catalogue
Breck's High Grade Seeds, 1915
Bulbs, Roots, Plants, and Seeds for Fall Planting
Catlaog Seeds, Plants, Trees
Dakota Improved Seed Co. (DISCO) 1915 Alfalfa & Seed Book
Fairbury Nurseries 1915 Spring and Fall Catalogue
Fremont Nurseries postcard, circa 1915
F.W. Dixon, Spring 1915 Annual Catalog
German Nurseries and Seed House Price List, Fall 1915
Griswold Seed Co. 1915 Catalog
Hayes Seed House, circa 1915 Letter and Price List
James Smalley & Company Garden and Field Seeds, 1915
J.L. Loebs Extra insert materials
J.L. Loebs Seed Co. 1915 seed catalog
Mount Hope Nurseries 'The Griesa-Douglas Pear', 1915
New White Danish Oats
The Beginning-Midwinter-Creating your Landscape
Wholesale Price List of Northern Grown Vegetable and Flower
Wichita Nurseries and Seed House, circa 1915 catalog
Will, Oscar H., & Co. 1915 seed catalog
Map of St. Paul
Map of St. Paul
Map of St. Paul
Map of St. Paul
Map of St. Paul
Baltic basin
Bacon's cycling road-map of England & Wales
The Daily Telegraph war map no. 11 [of the British front]