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General and Administrative. Publications. John Mott - ""The Most Remarkable Generation of Boys the World has Ever Known"", ""The Strategic Importance of Work with Boys"", 1918, 1922 (Box 8, Folder 36)
Commission authorization, 1922 (Box 2, Folder 11)
Commission authorization, 1922 (Box 2, Folder 12)
Pamphlets and other Publications. Town and County Commission reports, 1922 (Box 4, Folder 49)
Galloway Bros. & Co., 1922
Iowa Seed Co., 1922 corn flyer
Iowa Seed Co., 1922 front cover torn in half 57th annual catalogue
Price list for 1922 of the Linn County Nurseries
Adams Seed Company Catalog, Spring 1922
Bruns Seed Co, 1922 Seed Annual
Milk River Irrigation Project, Montana
Shoshone Irrigation Project, Wyoming : Garland Division
1922 March Seed Sense vol 8 #2
Henry Field Seed Co. Catalog for 1922
Kunderd Gladioli catalog for 1922
1922 Autumn/Winter, Archias' Seed Store Corp.
1922 Champion Fruits, Stark Bro's Nurseries
1922 Jan (2 copies - scan one), Stark Bro's Nurseries
1922, Petersen Seed Co.
1922 Seeds ($2.20 worth of pure, fresh, sure-to-grow), Stark Bro's Nurseries
1922 Stark Brother's Nurseries & Orchards Company (Brown portfolio with loose leaf ad and bound catalogs), Stark Bro's Nurseries
Aye Brothers 1922 Seed Catalog
Barteldes Seeds 1922 seed catalog
Caldwell Nurseries 1922 seed catalog and price list
Fargo Seed House 1922 seed catalog
Garden Annual for 1922
Gurney Seed & Nursery Co. 1922 Spring & Fall seed catalog
Joseph Breck & Sons 100 Years Catalog, 1922
Marshalls Nurseries Trees, Shrubs and Plants Catalog, 1922
May's Catalog
Minnetonka Old fashioned Flower Garden
Our Three Leaders
Rock's Garden Book 1922
Sonderegger Nurseries and Seed House Fall Catalog, 1922
Sonderegger Nurseries and Seed House Spring Garden Book, 1922
Strand's Nursery
Turner Brothers Annual Catalog, 1922
Minneapolis YMCA Northwoods camp album 1922 (Box 149, Folder 5)
Map of Africa : and adjoining portions of Europe and Asia
Tourist sketch of Peking's environs
India & farther India, political
Motor map of Ceylon
Carte automobilistes & cyclistes : environs de Paris, sud-ouest
Lyonnais, Savoie et Dauphiné
Stuttgart mit umgebung
Fletcher Brockman, correspondence, 1897, 1913-1914, 1920, 1922, 1924, 1930. (Box 2, Folder 11)
Territory of Hawaii
The countries of the Caribbean : including Mexico, Central America, the West Indies and the Panama Canal
Map of Alaska showing the route of the Alaska Central Railway : with proposed branches ; also, water connections with Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Honolulu, and the Orient