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Angell's Seed Annual for 1899 - Badger State Seed Farms
Currie Bros. Horticultural Guide, Spring 1899
L.L. Olds' Catalogue of Seeds, Eleventh Season, 1898
Annual Catalogue of Harry N. Hammond, Seedsman. Season 1899
Hammond's Illustrated Catalogue of Northern Grown Potatoes Envelope
Jessie and Irma Hartley standing in front of the Hartley house at 1305 East Superior Street
D. M. Ferry & Co. Bulbs and Seeds, Autumn 1899
D. M. Ferry & Co. Seed Annual for 1899
D. M. Ferry & Co.'s Wholesale Price List of Seeds in Bulk, 1899
Theatre of military operations in Luzon, 1899
1899 Price List of Small Fruit Plants and Seed Potatoes Grown by Henry Field (reprint)
J.A. Everitt, Seedsman 1899 Celebrated OK™  Seeds and Other Specialties
1899 March  in IL and AL
Breck's Seed Catalogue for 1899
Choice Seeds
Farm & Floral guide
Good Seeds at Fair Prices
Pastures and Meadows GRASS IS KING
Special Wholesale Price-list of Seeds
Hydrographic map of Big Cedar Lake, Wisconsin, Washington Co.
Hydrographic map of Delavan and Lauderdale lakes. Walworth Co., Wisconsin
Hydrographic map of the Chain-O'-Lakes, Waupaca County, Wis.
Atlas of meteorology.
Alaska, fortymile quadrangle
Map of Alaska : showing explorations by U.S. Geological Survey in 1898, together with principal previous routes of exploration
Map of Utah
Map of the Indian Territory
Cereal foods and how to cook them
Map of Boston
Diagram of the public open spaces of the Boston Metropolitan District in 1899
Hackensack sheet
Jersey City sheet
Map of New York
Newark sheet
New York City and vicinity
Paterson sheet
Map of land-grant and bond-aided railroads of the United States
Pine region of Minnesota : showing classification of lands
Plan of the north shore of Lake Superior : from the Pic to Nepigon, Ontario
Plat book of Big Stone County, Minnesota : compiled from county records and actual surveys.
Sketch map of the province of British Columbia
United States relief map
Diagram of the public open spaces of the Boston Metropolitan District in 1899.
Map of the city of Detroit, Michigan, 1899 : showing paved streets, public schools, police stations, fire engine and ladder houses
The Superior Group, with distances : a new railroad, post-office, township and county map of Minnesota and Wisconsin
Westbrook Hall classroom, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Wulling Hall, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Colombo YMCA reading room, Sri Lanka