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Evangelical Union annual meeting and missionary directory, 1914 (Box 17, Folder 2)
D. M. Ferry & Co. Bulbs and Seeds, Autumn 1914
D. M. Ferry & Co. Seed Annual for 1914
Baldwin's Fruit Plants, 1914
Darling and Beahan Hardy Northern Seeds Catalog, 1914
First Annual Report: 1913-1914
"Som Inf'mation for Mother"
Community Leadership: A Course in Social Engineering for Village and Country Communities,  by John R. Boardman, 1914 (Box 2, Folder 25)
General and Administrative. Publications. H. L. Piner - How to Hold a Job, 1914 (Box 7, Folder 29)
Galloway Bros. & Co., 1914
Iowa Seed Co., 1914Fortynine years successful business
Ratekin Nursery Co., 1914 30th year
Women's Auxiliaries. Letters, addresses and questionnaires, 1912, 1914 and 1917. (Box 4, Folder 16)
A. A. Berry Seed Co., 1914. January 1, 1914
Berry Seed Company Catalog, 1914 - 19th Season
Cole's Seed Store, 1914. Garden Annual
Africa 1:125,000 : Transvaal
Africa 1:125,000 : Transvaal
Henry Field Seed Co. Annual Seed Catalogue 1914
1914, Hyde Seed Farms
1914, Missouri Seed Co.
1914, St. Louis Seed Co.
1914 Weber's Guide, Weber, H. J., & Sons Nursery Co.
1914 Wholesale Catalog ""The story of an apple,"" Stark Bro's Nurseries
1914 Year Book, Stark Bro's Nurseries
30th annual catalogue
Annual Price List of Reliable Fruit Plants Grown by JV Bailey
Aye Brothers 1914 Seed Catalog
Barteldes Seeds 1914 seed catalog
Breck's High Grade Seeds, 1914
Catalog 1914
Dakota Improved Seed Co. (DISCO) 1914 Alfalfa & Seed Book
DeGiorgi Brothers, Inc. 1914 seed catalog, in Czech
German Nurseries and Seed House 1914 Garden Book
Gurney Seed & Nursery Co. 1914 Spring seed catalog
J.F. Rosenfield Peony Gardens Catalog, circa 1914
J.L. Loebs Seed Co. 1914 seed catalog
O.S. Jones Seed Co. 1914 brochure
O.S. Jones Seed Co. 1914 seed catalog
Prosperity dwells where farmer brand seeds are sown
Will, Oscar H., & Co. 1914 seed catalog
A geological map of the Caucasus
General-karte der russischen Ost-See-Provinzen Liv : Ehst- und Kurland nach den vollständigsten astronomisch-trigonometrischen Ortsbestimmungen u. den speciellen Landesvermessungen auf Grundlage der Specialkarten
Flemmings grosse spezialkarte vom Belgischen und Franzósischen kriegsschauplatz
The Rand McNally new library atlas map of Europe
A new description of Kent ...
W. W. White, correspondence, 1898, 1914, 1925. (Box 3, Folder 5)