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Currie's Farm and Garden Annual, Spring 1924
Farmers Sales Bureau Envelope, Letters, and Price List for January 2nd, 1924
Jung Quality Seeds catalog for 1924
Olds' Catalog for 1923, 36th year
Oshkosh Seed Company catalog, circa 1917
Isbell's Seeds, 1924, 45th Year
Kellogg's Great Crops of Strawberries, 1924
R. Morrill & Co., Seed Distributors, Catalog circa 1924
Correspondence and reports, 1924 (Box 2, Folder 5)
Correspondence and reports, 1924 (Box 1, Folder 9)
Store Building for Stevens
D. M. Ferry & Co. Seed Annual for 1924
Berry Plant Sales Book, 1924
General and Administrative. Committees and Commissions. Preliminary Report of the Commission on Assembling the History of Association Boys Work, 1924 (Box 10, Folder 7)
General and Administrative. Publications. John R. Mott - Boyhood - The Greatest Asset of Any Nation, 1924 (Box 10, Folder 12)
Lou S. Darling Seed Company Hardy Northern Seeds Catalog, 1924
The Established Points in Social Hygiene Education
General and Administrative. Publications. Christian Character Building with Boys and Young Men, 1924 (Box 9, Folder 41)
Pamphlets and other Publications. Findings of the Town and Country Conference, Association of Town and Country Secretaries, 1924 (Box 4, Folder 53)
Pamphlets and other Publications. Small City Secretaries Conference reports, 1924 (Box 4, Folder 52)
General and Administrative. Publications. Everyday Objectives for Older Boys - Boys' Edition, 1924 (Box 7, Folder 26)
Correspondence to David Goldstein from Rose (Box 2, Folder 22)
General and Administrative. Assemblies and Conferences. International Boys' Work Conference Proceedings, 1924 (Box 3, Folder 14)
1924 Gray Floral Company importers of bulbs and plants
C.G. Patten and Son, circa 1924 Price list nursery stock sell for spring delivery only
Earl May Seed & Nursery L.P., 1924 May's wholesale prices on farm seeds sold direct to farmer
Earl May Seed & Nursery L.P., Spring 1924
Galloway Bros. & Co.,, 1924 Special Sale Catalog
Iowa Seed Co., 1924 59th annual catalogue
Iowa Seed Co., Farm seed prices 1924; February 27
1924 Earl Ferris Nursery, Hampton, Iowa
A. A. Berry Seed Co., 1924. February 1, 1924
A.A. Berry Seed Co. Garden, Flower, Field Seed,s 1924
Map of Houston, Texas
Map of Mount Rainier National Park
1924 August Seed Sense and peonies sale vol 12 #4
1924 Feb Seed Sense (vol.12#1)
1924 March/April Seed Sense & catalog vol 12 #3
1924 March Seed Sense and price list vol 12 #2
From the House of Gurney Spring and Fall 1924
Henry Field Seed Co. 1924 Catalog "One Million Customers"
Kunderd Gladioli catalog for 1924
1924 Seed Annual
1924 Spring Flowering Bulbs
Annual Catalog of Small Fruit Plants for 1924
DISCO 1924 Seventeenth Annual seed catalog
Griswold's Seeds for 1924
New Catalogue of Stark Seeds, 1923
New Haven Nurseries 1924 Catalog
New Stark Bro's Seed Book, 1924