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Armored train cars
Bolshevik dead on the battlefield near Troisk, Ukraine
Commissary Department Officials of the Czechoslovak Legion
Czechoslovak Legion troops awaiting the arrival of General Karel Elias
Decorated, wounded soldier
Enclosed porch-like structure attached to building
Gathering of soldiers
General Radola Gajda of the Czechoslovak Legion during a military ceremony among his troops in Siberia
German Prisoner orchestra attached to the Czechoslovak Legion in Ekaterinburg, Russia
Group of soldiers by a train car
Group portrait of officers from 6th regiment of the Czechoslovak legion in Russia
Inside a freight train car
K. D. Miller in winter clothing
Landscape with a train in the Ural Mountains, Russia
Man posing in peasant clothing
Meeting of Czechoslovak military dignitaries
Portrait of a peasant in Russia with beard and wearing a hat
Portrait of Major Baronek in military uniform
Portrait of soldier
Portrait of two YMCA secretaries