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Adam Yarmolinsky discusses specific security cases
Alan Barth discusses some effects of security loyalty programs on the fundamentals of democracy
Athelstan Spilhaus, Explorers of the Sea
C. Dickerman William, Dr. Slochower and Efrem London discuss the fifth amendment and national security
Dixie Lee Ray, The Living Ocean
Dudley Bonsal discusses security-loyalty programs
Dudley Bonsal discusses the future of security loyalty programs
Fritz Koczy, The Ocean as Archives of the Past
Howard Smith, Royal W. France, and Joseph L. Rauh discuss the Smith Act
Hubert Humphrey and John Moss discuss government security and secrecy programs
Interview with Ed Wilson, part 3
Interview with Louis Stately, part 1
James K. Wilson, Jr. and Patrick Murphy Malin discuss security and civil rights
Marie Jahoda discusses the effects of security loyalty programs on average government workers
Owen Lattimore discusses the "Lattimore Case"
Paul A. Porter and other lawyers discuss the views of lawyers in security
Telford Taylor discusses the place of the fifth amendment in security loyalty programs and the comparison of law in democracies and dictatorships
Thomas J. Herbert and Ralph S. Brown discuss the "Subversive Activities Control Law"