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Africa and the United States by Shirley Smith
African Music as Sound by Dr. Alan Merriam
African Religions and Values by Dr. Eliot Skinner
Audio clips of interviews with residents of Chisago County, Minnesota about the influence of Swedish language and culture conducted by Nils Hasselmo.
Clip of promotion for World Affairs and University of Minnesota Television on KTCA-TV
Clip of the conclusion of World Affairs with announcer George Grim
Conversation with Nils Hasselmo on Swedish language research in Chisago County, Minnesota
Customs and Values of African Peoples by Dr. James Gibbs
Discussion of folk music in Minnesota.
Introductory Lecture by William Tsitsiwu
Man's Image of Man Through the Ages by Dr. Ralph Ross
Needs of the Emerging African Nations by Dr. William Tsitsiwu
No Entanglements with Foreign Powers by Dr. Olu Adeniji
Operation Suicide - Is it Inevitable? by Dr. Maurice B. Visscher
Pan-Africanism by Dr. Dorothy Dodge
Political Change and Tribalism by Dr. Eliot Skinner
Political Organization and the New States of Africa, Part 1 by Dorothy Dodge
Political Organization and the New States of Africa, Part 2 by Dorothy Dodge
Promotion for University of Minnesota Television on KTCA-TV, Channel 2
Talent and Democratic Education by Dr. Oscar Handlin