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A Briefing Session of Reapportionment by Frank Ferrell
China's Military Power by Gen. Griffith II
China, the Bomb and the United Nations by Marion McVitty
Continuity in the Foreign Policy of China by Professor C.P. Fitzgerald
Effective Protest by L. Brent Bozwell
Harlem - Our Number One Ghetto by Eugene Callender
How Population Control Can Be Achieved, by Dr. La Frances Rose
How to Edit Your Own News by Mitchell Charnley
My Life and Hard Times with the Press by Dr. Mulford Q. Sibley
Needed Improvements in American Education by George Z.F. Bereday
Organizing the Poor by Saul Alinsky
Pathways to Peace by Marietta Tree
Problems Facing the Chinese Communist Party by Roderick MacFarquhar
Question of China in United States Foreign Policy with Harold W. Jackson
Reporting American to Britain by Alistair Cooke
Responsibilities to the Past and Future by Dr. Brook Chisholm
Some Disturbing generalizations About U.S. Foreign Policy by Robert St. John
Symposium on Censorship in the Arts with Eugene Wilson, Syd Fossum, Robert McClure, and William Hathaway
The American Dilemma in Vietnam by John Scott
The Anti-City Ethos in American Life by David Noble