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American Failure to Assist Social Revolution in Southeast Asia by Russel Johnson
American Globalism: 1967 by Arnaud de Borchgrave
An Address to the Minnesota Society of Professional Engineers by Ralph Nader
An American Dilemma: Underdevelopment and the Problem of Communism by Robert Heilbroner
An Interpretation of the Chinese Cultural Revolution by William Hinton
An Israeli View of Issues in the Middle East Crisis by Daniel Freeman
An Overview of Human Sexuality by Dr. Henry Bowman
Biology and the Future of Man by Eville Gorham
Black Power, White Backlash and the Rule of the Law by Carl T. Rowan
China's Foreign Policy Toward the United States and the West by Professor William Lingren
Constitutional Limitations on the Teaching of Religion in the Public Schools by William B. Lockhart
Economic Impact of Viet Nam by Dr. Walter Heller
Elmer L Andersen interviewed on KUOM discussing the appointment of Malcolm Moos as University President
How Can a Man Believe by James A. Pike
Human Rights and Minnesota Teachers by Reverend C.T. Vivian
Human Sexuality by Dr. Richard Hey
Memory by Jean Piaget
Morality and Population Control by Dr. Ralph Potter
Our China Problem, by Eugene Bordman
Pearl Buck explains her work on behalf of the Asian children of American servicement