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Alexander Dubcek
Andreas Papandreou, Greek Military Dictatorship
A Professional Revolutionary - Tom Hayden
A Strut for John Berryman
Changing Authorities, Heine: Rebel in Search of a Cause with Mr. Cantwell
Changing Authorities presented by John Fox
Conscience and Viet Nam by Robert McAffee Brown
Craft of Sullen Art, conversation with James Wright and Robert Bly, Part I
Crime in America: A View from the Bench by Luther Youngdahl
Dad's Place in the Family
Dear Friends: An Introduction to the Series
Dr. Norman Shumway and Senator Walter Mondale on organ transplants
Education of the Handicapped Children by Dr. Lloyd Dunn Peabody
Eldgridge Cleaver
Fathers and Sons, reading from 20th century American poets
Former President Lyndon Johnson
George Wallace
Growing Up With Brothers and Sisters
His Conscience
His Heroes