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A New Look at Law and Order by Dr. Kurt Adler
Apollo vs. Woodstock
Areas of neglect, by Martin McCowan
Areas of neglect, by Mrs. Dorothy Johnson
Areas of neglect, by Vernon Summerdorf
Areas of neglect, by William L. Hathaway
Can We Find Peace Between the Generations by Dr. Rudolf Dreikurs
Discussion with O. James Goetz and Neil Gustafson
Future of Science and Society by Robert Theobold
Halloween Story
Haynsworth and South Carolina
Human Rights and the Legislature with Frank Kent and Lyall Schwarzkopf
Is American Society Worth Saving? by Senator William J. Fulbright
League Program with Patricia Davies, Marion Watson, and Ann Duff of the League of Women Voters of Minnesota
Lowering the Voting Age in Minnesota with Robert Brown and Robert North
Minnesota's environment, by Joseph Sizer and E. Robert Edman
Minnesota's environment continued, by Richard Skaggs
Minority Groups with Douglas Head
Planning and coordination, by Rev. Arthur Whitaker