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An American Woman Education in Greece with Margaret Papandreou
Battle for Control of the Minnesota State Senate with Nicholas Coleman, Stanley Holmquist, Murphy, Paul
Conflict of Interest and Lobby Regulation with Howard Knutson and Jerry Jenkins
Constraints on Energy Production Versus Population and Life Style by Professor Arthur Kantrowitz
Courts and Penal Reforms with James Rice and Mrs. Ralph Janey
Environmental Quality with John Badalich, Homer Luick, and Mrs. William Brascugli
Equal Educational Opportunity with Harold Kreiger, Noland, Richard, and Mrs. Vicki Oshiro
Extra Sensory Perception by Mulford Q. Sibley
Governor's Budget Message with Nicholas Coleman, Ernest Lidstrom, and Mrs. Francis Boyden
Homosexual Marriage with Jack Baker
Homosexual Marriage with Jack Baker
Housing with Edward Gearty, Gary Flakne, Mrs. Lorraine Wood
Human Rights
Indian Affairs with John Poupart, George Conzemius, and Mrs. Gloria Phillips
Interview with Ada Deer, Director Wisconsin Upward Bound and Pride programs
Parks and Open Space with Robert Johnson, Ray Boezi, and Mrs. Fred Waterous
Party Designation with Senators Robert Brown and Earl Gustafson
Question and answer time with Margaret Papandreou
Studs Terkel, Minnesota Historical Society
Taxes with Alec Olson, Salisbury Adams, and Irene Mrs. Irene Jenski