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A Standpoint: Mulford Q. Sibley
Campaign Practices by Arlen Erdahl, Robert North, Shirley Amudsen
Charles Carson on the Environment
Constitutional Study Commission with O.J. Heinitz, Betty Kane, and Rosemary Booth
Copper mining in Northern Minnesota with John Green
Department of Human Rights by Andy Marlow, Sam Richardson, and Marion Watson
Elements of Form in the Biosphere by Dr. E. Gorham
Energy Availability, Part 2
Environmental Legislation by Grant Merritt, Mel Hanson, and Andy Marlow
Environmental Legislation (Land and Wet land Usage) by Robert Dunn, William Walton, and Greg Sherwood
Equal Rights Amendment by Ruth Stock, Marion Watson, and Irene Scott
Financing State Services by Rudy Perpich and Salisbury Adams
Flexible Session Amendment by Robert Brown, Jack Davies, Arlen Waelti, and Andy Marlow
Governor's Message Analysis by Senator Harmon Ogdahl, and Senate Majority Leader Nicholas Coleman
Judicial Legislation by Jack Davies and Jerome Blatz
Legislature 73: Education with Senator Jerome Hughes
Mary McCarthy, Contemporary Readings on Fact and Fiction
Metropolitan Government and the Metro-Council by Representative John Salchert and Senator John Keef
Metro Transit and Transportation by Senator Ed Gearty and Representative Roy Wolcott
Non-Metro Transportation by Senator George Conzemius and Representative Arne Carlson