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American Indian Movement Symposium
Berryman Recovered by Dr. Mark Shores
Body-Language: Non-Verbal Communication
Day Care: Sorting it Out, part 1 by Donnalee Lindberg
Day Care: Sorting it Out, part 2 by Donnalee Lindberg
Interviews with science fiction writers Ben Bova and Joe Haldeman
Interview with Arvonne Fraser, woman's rights activitst
Interview with Dorothy Finkelhor, Educator and Founder of Point Park College in Pittsburgh
Interview with William Hensley, Alaskan State Senator
Sexual Attitudes of Women in Mid Life by Naomi Cavalier
Singing accompanied by acoustic guitar and a conversation with Ben Bova
Some Freedom of Information Issues by Ben Bagdikian
The Nature of Conspiracy Trials by William Kuntsler
Unmet Needs of Men, Women, and Children by Mary C. Howell