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Benjamin Fink and his son Daniel inside his store Lowry Hill Cleaners, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Bernard Silberstein candidate for commissioner
Boy with a hammer and wooden box, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Children pose for a photo on the front steps of a building in Virginia, Minnesota
Ethel Mendelsonn and Bertha Bacrach sit together in a car with a group of other women on Canada Street
Family portrait on Kamel farm
Grace Aguilar Club Talmud Torah Martha Washington Party
Group photograph of children at the Marks Nathan Jewish Orphan Home in Chicago, Illinois
Hebrew class of West Side B'nai Israel Synagogue in Duluth, Minnesota
Interior of Brochin's Delicatessen, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Interior of Kaplan's Store, Hector, Minnesota
Interior of Rose Zupperman's grocery store, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Interior of the Boston Store, Hibbing, Minnesota
Interior of the Boston Store, Hibbing, Minnesota
Judge Hiram Mendow, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ladies Auxiliary of the West Side Hebrew Institute in St. Paul, Minnesota
Mae Goldberg holds an American flag in front of the West Side Talmud Torah, St. Paul, Minnesota
Members of the Ivria Club at the Como Park Conservatory, St. Paul, Minnesota
Minneapolis Talmud Torah portrait, Minneapolis, Minnesota
NW Iron and Metal, Duluth, Minnesota