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Alpha Omega Club Hanukkah party, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Apartment building on Airport Road, St. Lawrence Street, St. Paul, Minnesota
Beth El Confirmation Class, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Beth El Synagogue Boy Scout Troop 131 going on a hike
Dupont Avenue Cash Market, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Graduating class of the St. Paul Talmud Torah, St. Paul, Minnesota
Grand opening of Goldfine Trading Post in Duluth, Minnesota
Group photograph of men in front of Greenberg's Clothing Store in Minot, North Dakota
Home of "Komer the Schochet," St. Paul, Minnesota
Home on the West Side, 141 Eva Street, St. Paul, Minnesota
Interior of Marcovitz General Merchandise Store, Halliday, North Dakota
Intersection of State Street and Fairfield, St. Paul, Minnesota
Jewish Educational Center at the St. Paul Jewish Community Center, St. Paul, Minnesota
Kaplan Brothers Surplus Store, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Masada Yom Kipper Dance, St. Paul, Minnesota
Members of the B'nai B'rith program committee meet to make plans for a convention to be held in Minneapolis
Mort Silverstein's home, St. Paul, Minnesota
Natalie Warschauer standing in front of Rudick and Rovner Grocery Store in North Minneapolis
Sophie Wirth Camp scrapbook, 1935
State Street and Airport Road home on the West Side, St. Paul, Minnesota