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Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority senior breakfast at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ben Pred standing in his Ladies ready-to-wear Store in Milbank, South Dakota
B'nai Brith Women's minstrel show at the covenant club in Duluth, Minnesota
B'nai Israel Congregation women's auxiliary, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Chapel at Beth El Synagogue on Penn Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Conference of Jewish Women, Minnesota
Crimson Hue Resort, Chetek, Wisconsin
Gitche Gumee Lodge, Lutsen, Minnesota
Glenmar Lodge, Longville, Minnesota
Grand View Lodge, Brainerd, Minnesota
Great Minneapolis Surplus' supply of arctic flight jackets loaded into a cargo plane
Group photograph of the Perdettes, St. Paul, Minnesota
Group photo of members of the Aurora Club at the Emanuel Cohen Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Harry Goulin standing in Goulin's Grocery Store, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Kilkare Lodge and Cottages, Spooner, Wisconsin
Letter from Erwin Oreck to Minnesota Arrowhead Association, Re: Gitchi Gumee Lodge, Duluth, Minnesota
Madden Lodge, Brainerd, Minnesota
Marvin Haskvitz on farm, Harding County, South Dakota
Minneapolis Talmud Torah graduation at North Highschool, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ralph "Shark" Madsen and Herb Bruber herd cattle at Weiller and Weiller, St. Paul, Minnesota