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2 inspiring cablegrams : Chairman Edward N. Hurley cables: "... : General Pershing replies: "...
$5.00 di W.S.S. : francobolli di risparmio per la guerra : per $4.12... : voi potete acquistare i suddetti francobol
$5.00 W.S.S. for $4.12 : will cost 1? more each month after Feb.1st 1918 : save and buy for cash or installment plan
Alsace-Lorraine : extracts from President Wilson's addresses to Congress, Jan. 8 and Feb. 11, 1918; the representat
And they thought we couldn't fight : Victory Liberty Loan
Au cours de cette guerre, nous esperons payer, dans une faible mesure, la dette que le peuple Americain a contractee
Bring in your $50, and take home your bond! : third issue Liberty Bond paying 4 1/4 per cent.
Czechoslovaks! : join our free colors!
For every fighter a woman worker : Y.W.C.A. : back our second line of defense : United War Work Campaign
For food production forage & timber : the help of British women is urgent and indispensable : recruits required imme
For victory buy more bonds : Fourth Liberty Loan
Four years in the fight : the women of France : we owe them houses of cheer : United War Work Campaign
Halt the Hun! : buy U.S. Government Bonds : Third Liberty Loan
Help crush the menace of the seas : buy liberty bonds : buy quickly : buy freely
Help deliver the goods : do it now : U.S. Navy Recruiting Station
Hold up your end! : War Fund Week : one hundred million dollars
Hun or home? : buy more liberty bonds
If you can't go across with a gun, come across with your part of the Red Cross War Fund
If you knew a day's pay would save a life -- would you give one day a month? : all of the Red Cross War Fund goes fo
Invest in the Victory Liberty Loan : they kept the sea lanes open