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(1) "the overseer was a dear -- she settled all my questions"
20--ton giant of the coastal command -- a short "Sunderland" flying boat
29 United Nations : prepare to deal Hitler's death blow
2 out of 3 Britons mobilised for war
30 minutes of your time : blood : now : donors : a lifetime to somebody else
3 the careless sneezer of phonograph 1 has mended his ways ... 4 here is further proof ...
5 reasons why the allies will win : this is the sign of victory for the allies : V
7 keys to safety
80% : of Great Britain's total military production is being shipped overseas
A Battery of Britain's giant coastal-defence guns mounted on railway trucks.
A Bit of home' : Red Cross & St. John : needs your help for : prisoners of war
A Bit of home' : Red Cross & St. John : needs your help for prisoners of war : 6,000,000 parcels already sent
A British aircraft-carrier in action : aircraft-carriers : provide fighter protection for British ships ...
A British anti-aircraft battery in action. More than 590 German raiders have been destroyed by anti-aircraft fire o
A British "Blenheim" bomber of the coastal command aids a British destroyer in smashing a German submarine
A British bomber shoots down two German fighters in a raid over Axis--controlled Europe
A British heavy infantry tank -- the "Matilda" -- 26 tons of armoured fighting power
A British motor-cycle unit moving at speed across country
A British short "sunderland" flying boat patrolling the sea lanes
A British "spitfire" on patrol : German pilots have learned to dread the British "spitfire," which is so fast ...