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7th war loan : now.. all together
85 million Americans hold war bonds
A Lifetime education : free : for high school graduates who qualify : U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps
All fuel is scarce : plan for winter now! ... 1. winterize your home! : insulate walls ... 2. check your heating pl
A Message about food : from the President of the United States : in this fourth year of war the need for food is gre
An Overcharge is the same as a pay cut : report overcharges to the OPA
Buy now for the bigger : 7th war loan : through payroll savings
Care : is costly : buy and hold war bonds
Confederation generale du travail : 1er Mai 1945 : Une Journee chomee de manifestations : Vive l'action des travaill
Could this be you? : don't travel -- unless your trip helps win the war
CVJM Christlicher Verein Junger Manner Stuttgart 3 Vortrage von Gustav Adolf Gedat-Heidelberg
Fluchtlinge! Evakuierte! Sucht Ihr Eure Angehorigen? Wendet Euch an den amtlichen Suchdienst des Hilfsdienstes fur K
Going our way? : be a victory farm volunteer : for information see of the U.S. Crop Corps : see your county extensi
Hausbau oder Hauskauf und Wiederinstandsetzung wird von uns luckenlos finanziert. Bei 30% Eigenkapital sofortige Zwi
In peace as in war ... : teamwork! : Brotherhood Week : February 18-25, 1945 : National Conference of Christian and
"In the strength of great hope we must shoulder our common load." : buy victory bonds
Kammerspiele des Stuttgarter Neuen Theaters - Intendant Fred Schroer Stuttgart Friedrichstr. 13 Wochenspielplan.
Kriegsbeschadigte! Kriegerhinterbliebene! Der Verband der Wurtt. Kriegsbeschadigten u. Kriegerhinterbliebenen aus de
Me travel? ... not this summer : vacation at home : Office of Defense Transportation
Protect his America! : only you can prevent forest fires