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Xanthium strumatium
Winged fruits of Fraxinus
White Sweet Violet
Ulmus americana twig with fruits
Twisted pods of Gleditsia
Tilia americana, falling fruits
Solidago in fruit
Seeds of Pinus strobus (Strobus strobus)
Salsola kali up-side-down
Salsola erect and right side up
Salsola covering ridge on river bank
Salix fruits and seeds
Rumex crispus stems and fruits
Rumex crispus
Ripe pods of Oenothera macrocarpa
Rhus toxicodendron, fruit, in winter condition
Ostrya americana
Martynia, ripe fruits
Lotus pod ready for floating away
Hordeum jubatum, ripe fruits
Gleditsia fruits pods and twigs
Geum burs on stems
Geranium, exploding fruit
Fruits of Acer sacchariunum and Acer saccharum
Explosive pods of Viola
Explosive pods of Florida bean before and after
Explosive pod of Wild Pea
Exploding fruit of Impatiens
Epilobium angustifolium, fruits and seeds
Diagram, Rumex crispus cross section
Diagram, Impatiens-like fruits, explosive
Diagram, Explosive action by drying
Desmodium, two species
Desmodium, two species
Datura pods open at top
Cones of Pinus strobus (Strobus strobus) nearly mature
Cones of Pinus strobus (Strobus strobus) mature
Cone of Fire with scales, seeds, Ovules, etc.
Collection of burs "stealing a ride"
Cocos nucifera with and without husk
Cimicifuga racemosa
Cenchrus tribuloides (Cenchrus incertus) on stems
Cenchrus tribuloides (Cenchrus incertus)
Catalpa fruit pods and seeds
Carpinus nutlet with bract
Carex lupulina, fruit spike and fruits
Carduus discolor (Cirsium discolor) shedding fruits
Betula papyrifera, leafy twigs with fruit spikes