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Plate 185 (Plate CLXXXV), Bachman's Warbler
Plate 184 (Plate CLXXXIV), Mango Humming Bird
Plate 182 (Plate CLXXXII), Ground Dove
Plate 181 (Plate CLXXXI), Golden Eagle
Plate 180 (Plate CLXXX), Pine Finch
Plate 179 (Plate CLXXIX), Wood Wren
Plate 177 (Plate CLXXVII), White Headed Pigeon
Plate 176 (Plate CLXXVI), Spotted or Canada Grouse
Plate 175 (Plate CLXXV), Nuttalls lesser-marsh Wren
Plate 174 (Plate CLXXIV), Olive sided Flycathcer
Plate 173 (Plate CLXXIII), Barn Swallow
Plate 172 (Plate CLXXII), Blue-headed Pigeon
Plate 171 (Plate CLXXI), Barn Owl
Plate 170 (Plate CLXX), Pipiry Flycatcher
Plate 169 (Plate CLXIX), Mangrove Cuckoo
Plate 168 (Plate CLXVIII), Forked-tailed Flycatcher
Plate 167 (Plate CLXVII), Key west Pigeon
Plate 166 (Plate CLXVI), Rough-legged Falcon
Plate 165 (Plate CLXV), Bachmans Finch
Plate 164 (Plate CLXIV), Tawny Thrush