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Plate 235 (Plate CCXXXV), Sooty Tern
Plate 234 (Plate CCXXXIV), Ring-necked Duck
Plate 233 (Plate CCXXXIII), Sora Rail
Plate 232 (Plate CCXXXII), Hooded Merganser
Plate 231 (Plate CCXXXI), Long-billed Curlew
Plate 230 (Plate CCXXX), Sanderling
Plate 229 (Plate CCXXIX), Scaup Duck
Plate 228 (Plate CCXXVIII), Green winged Teal
Plate 227 (Plate CCXXVII), Pin tailed Duck
Plate 226 (Plate CCXXVI), Whooping Crane
Plate 225 (Plate CCXXV), Kildeer Plover
Plate 224 (Plate CCXXIV), Kittiwake Gull
Plate 223 (Plate CCXXIII), American oyster-catcher
Plate 222 (Plate CCXXII), White Ibis
Plate 221 (Plate CCXXI), Mallard Duck
Plate 220 (Plate CCXX), Piping Plover
Plate 219 (Plate CCXIX), Black Guillemot
Plate 218 (Plate CCXVIII), Foolish Guillemot
Plate 217 (Plate CCXVII), Louisiana Heron
Plate 216 (Plate CCXVI), Wood Ibis