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Plate 236 (Plate CCXXXVI), Night Heron or Qua bird
Plate 237 (Plate CCXXXVII), Hudsonian Curlew
Plate 238 (Plate CCXXXVIII), Great Marbled Godwit
Plate 239 (Plate CCXXXIX), American Coot
Plate 240 (Plate CCXL), Roseate Tern
Plate 241 (Plate CCXLI), Black Backed Gull
Plate 242 (Plate CCXLII), Snowy Heron, or White Egret
Plate 243 (Plate CCXLIII), American Snipe
Plate 244 (Plate CCXLIV), Common Gallinule
Plate 245 (Plate CCXLV), Large-billed Guillemot, No. 49
Plate 246 (Plate CCXLVI), Eider Duck
Plate 247 (Plate CCXLVII), Velvet Duck
Plate 248 (Plate CCXLVIII), American Pied-bill Dobchick, No. 50
Plate 249 (Plate CCXLIX), Tufted Puffin
Plate 250 (Plate CCL), ArcticTern
Plate 251 (Plate CCLI), Brown Pelican
Plate 252 (Plate CCLII), Florida Cormorant
Plate 253 (Plate CCLIII), Pomarine Jager
Plate 255 (Plate CCLV), Red Phalarope
Plate 256 (Plate CCLVI), Reddish Egret
Plate 256 (Plate CCLVI), Wilson's Phalarope
Plate 257 (Plate CCLVII), Double-crested Cormorant
Plate 258 (Plate CCLVIII), Hudsonian Godwit
Plate 259 (Plate CCLIX), Horned Grebe
Plate 260 (Plate CCLX), Forked-tailed Petrel
Plate 261 (Plate CCLXI), Hooping Crane
Plate 262 (Plate CCLXII), Tropic Bird
Plate 263 (Plate CCLXIII), Curlew Sandpiper
Plate 264 (Plate CCLXIV), Fulmar Petrel
Plate 265 (Plate CCLXV), Buff breasted Sandpiper
Plate 266 (Plate CCLXVI), Common Cormorant
Plate 267 (Plate CCLXVII), Arctic Yager
Plate 268 (Plate CCLXVIII), American Woodcock
Plate 269 (Plate CCLXIX), Greenshank
Plate 270 (Plate CCLXX), Wilson's Petrel
Plate 271 (Plate CCLXXI), Frigate Pelican
Plate 272 (Plate CCLXXII), Richardson's Jager
Plate 273 (Plate CCLXXIII), Cayenne Tern
Plate 274 (Plate CCLXXIV), Semipalmated Snipe or Willet
Plate 275 (Plate CCLXXV), Noddy Tern
Plate 276 (Plate CCLXXVI), King Duck
Plate 277 (Plate CCLXXVII), Hutchins's Barnacle Goose
Plate 278 (Plate CCLXXVIII), Schinz's Sandpiper
Plate 279 (Plate CCLXXIX), Sandwich Tern
Plate 280 (Plate CCLXXX), Black Tern
Plate 281 (Plate CCLXXXI), Great White Heron
Plate 282 (Plate CCLXXXII), White-winged silvery Gull
Plate 283 (Plate CCLXXXIII), Wandering Shearwater
Plate 284 (Plate CCLXXXIV), Purple Sandpiper
Plate 285 (Plate CCLXXXV), Forked-tailed Gull