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Plate 350 (Plate CCCL), Rocky Mountain Plover
Plate 349 (Plate CCCXLIX), Least Water-hen
Plate 348 (Plate CCCXLVIII), Gadwall Duck
Plate 347 (Plate CCCXLVII), Smew or White Nun
Plate 346 (Plate CCCXLVI), Black-Throated Diver
Plate 345 (Plate CCCXLV), American Widgeon
Plate 344 (Plate CCCXLIV), Long-legged Sandpiper
Plate 343 (Plate CCCXLIII), Ruddy Duck
Plate 342 (Plate CCCXLII), Golden-Eye Duck
Plate 341 (Plate CCCXLI), Great Auk
Plate 340 (Plate CCCXL), Least Stormy-Petrel
Plate 339 (Plate CCCXXXIX), Little Auk
Plate 338 (Plate CCCXXXVIII), Bemaculated Duck
Plate 337 (Plate CCCXXXVII), American Bittern
Plate 336 (Plate CCCXXXVI), Yellow-Crowned Heron
Plate 335 (Plate CCCXXXV), Red-breasted Snipe
Plate 334 (Plate CCCXXXIV), Black-bellied Plover
Plate 333 (Plate CCCXXXIII), Green Heron
Plate 332 (Plate CCCXXXII), Pied Duck
Plate 331 (Plate CCCXXXI), Goosander