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Plate 286 (Plate CCLXXXVI), White-fronted Goose
Plate 288 (Plate CCLXXXVIII), Yellow Shank
Plate 291 (Plate CCXCI), Herring Gull
Plate 292 (Plate CCXCII), Crested Grebe
Plate 293 (Plate CCXCIII), Large billed Puffin
Plate 294 (Plate CCXCIV), Pectoral Sandpiper
Plate 295 (Plate CCXCV), Manks Shearwater
Plate 296 (Plate CCXCVI), Barnacle Goose
Plate 297 (Plate CCXCVII), Harlequin Duck
Plate 298 (Plate CCXCVIII), Red-necked Grebe
Plate 299 (Plate CCXCIX), Dusky Petrel
Plate 300 (Plate CCC), Golden Plover
Plate 301 (Plate CCCI), Canvas backed Duck
Plate 302 (Plate CCCII), Dusky Duck
Plate 303 (Plate CCCIII), Bartram Sandpiper
Plate 304 (Plate CCCIV), Turn-stone
Plate 305 (Plate CCCV), Purple Gallinule
Plate 306 (Plate CCCVI), Great Northern Diver or Loon
Plate 307 (Plate CCCVII), Blue Crane or Heron
Plate 308 (Plate CCCVIII), Tell-tale Godwit or Snipe
Plate 309 (Plate CCCIX), Great Tern
Plate 310 (Plate CCCX), Spotted Sandpiper
Plate 311 (Plate CCCXI), American White Pelican
Plate 312 (Plate CCCXII), Long-tailed Duck
Plate 313 (Plate CCCXIII), Blue-Winged Teal
Plate 314 (Plate CCCXIV), Black-headed Gull
Plate 315 (Plate CCCXV), Red-breasted Sandpiper
Plate 316 (Plate CCCXVI), Black-bellied Darter
Plate 317 (Plate CCCXVII), Black, or Surf Duck
Plate 318 (Plate CCCXVIII), American Avocet
Plate 319 (Plate CCCXIX), Lesser Tern
Plate 320 (Plate CCCXX), Little Sandpiper
Plate 321 (Plate CCCXXI), Roseate Spoonbill
Plate 322 (Plate CCCXXII), Red-headed Duck
Plate 323 (Plate CCCXXIII), Black Skimmer or Shearwater
Plate 324 (Plate CCCXXIV), Bonapartian Gull
Plate 325 (Plate CCCXXV), Buffel-headed Duck
Plate 326 (Plate CCCXXVI), Gannet
Plate 327 (Plate CCCXXVII), Shoveller Duck
Plate 328 (Plate CCCXXVIII), Long-legged Avocet
Plate 329 (Plate CCCXXIX), Yellow-breasted Rail
Plate 330 (Plate CCCXXX), Ring Plover
Plate 331 (Plate CCCXXXI), Goosander
Plate 332 (Plate CCCXXXII), Pied Duck
Plate 333 (Plate CCCXXXIII), Green Heron
Plate 334 (Plate CCCXXXIV), Black-bellied Plover
Plate 335 (Plate CCCXXXV), Red-breasted Snipe
Plate 336 (Plate CCCXXXVI), Yellow-Crowned Heron
Plate 337 (Plate CCCXXXVII), American Bittern
Plate 338 (Plate CCCXXXVIII), Bemaculated Duck