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Plate 314 (Plate CCCXIV), Chestnut-coloured Finch, Black-headed Siskin, Black crown Bunting, Arctic Ground Finch
Plate 351 (Plate CCCLI), Great Cinereous Owl
Plate 352 (Plate CCCLII), Black-Winged Hawk
Plate 353 (Plate CCCLIII), Chesnut-backed Titmouse, Black capt Titmouse, Chesnut-crowned Titmouse
Plate 354 (Plate CCCLIV), Louisiana Tanager, Scarlet Tanager
Plate 355 (Plate CCCLV), MacGillivray's Finch
Plate 356 (Plate CCCLVI), Marsh Hawk
Plate 357 (Plate CCCLVII), American Magpie
Plate 358 (Plate CCCLVIII), Pine Grosbeak
Plate 359 (Plate CCCLIX), Arkansaw Flycatcher, Swallow Tailed Flycatcher, Says Flycatcher
Plate 360 (Plate CCCLX), Winter Wren, Rock Wren
Plate 361 (Plate CCCLXI), Long-Tailed or Dusky Grous
Plate 362 (Plate CCCLXII), Yellow billed Magpie, Stellers Jay, Ultramarine Jay, Clark's Crow
Plate 363 (Plate CCCLXIII), Bohemian Chatterer
Plate 364 (Plate CCCLXIV), White-winged Crossbill
Plate 365 (Plate CCCLXV), Lapland Long-spur
Plate 366 (Plate CCCLXVI), Iceland or Jer Falcon
Plate 367 (Plate CCCLXVII), Band-tailed Pigeon
Plate 368 (Plate CCCLXVIII), Rock Grous
Plate 369 (Plate CCCLXIX), Mountain Mocking bird, Varied Thrush
Plate 370 (Plate CCCLXX), American Water Ouzel
Plate 371 (Plate CCCLXXI), Cock of the Plains
Plate 372 (Plate CCCLXXII), Common Buzzard
Plate 373 (Plate CCCLXXIII), Evening Grosbeak, Spotted Grosbeak
Plate 374 (Plate CCCLXXIV), Sharp-shinned Hawk
Plate 375 (Plate CCCLXXV), Lesser Red-Poll
Plate 376 (Plate CCCLXXVI), Trumpeter Swan
Plate 377 (Plate CCCLXXVII), Scolopaceus Courlan
Plate 378 (Plate CCCLXXVIII), Hawk Owl
Plate 379 (Plate CCCLXXIX), Ruff-necked Humming-bird
Plate 380 (Plate CCCLXXX), Tengmalm's Owl
Plate 381 (Plate CCCLXXXI), Snow Goose
Plate 382 (Plate CCCLXXXII), Sharp-tailed Grous
Plate 383 (Plate CCCLXXXIII), Long-eared Owl
Plate 384 (Plate CCCLXXXIV), Black-throated Bunting
Plate 385 (Plate CCCLXXXV), Bank Swallow, Violet-Green Swallow, No. 77
Plate 387 (Plate CCCLXXXVII), Glossy Ibis
Plate 388 (Plate CCCLXXXVIII), Nuttall's Starling, Yellow-headed Troopial, Bullock's Oriole
Plate 389 (Plate CCCLXXXIX), Red-Cockaded Wodopecker
Plate 390 (Plate CCCXC), Lark Finch, Prairie Finch, Brown Song Sparrow
Plate 391 (Plate CCCXCI), Brandt Goose
Plate 392 (Plate CCCXCII), Louisiana Hawk
Plate 393 (Plate CCCXCIII), Townsend's Warbler, Arctic Blue-bird, Western Blue-bird
Plate 395 (Plate CCCXCV), Audubons Warbler, Hermit Warbler, Black-throated gray Warbler
Plate 396 (Plate CCCXCVI), Burgomaster Gull
Plate 397 (Plate CCCXCVII), Scarlet Ibis
Plate 398 (Plate CCCXCVIII), Lazuli Finch, Clay-coloured Finch, Oregon Snow Finch
Plate 399 (Plate CCCXCIX), Black-throated green Warbler, Blackburnian, w., Mourning Warbler
Plate 400 (Plate CD), Arkansaw Siskin, Mealy Red-poll, Louisiana Tanager, Townsend's Finch, Buff-breasted Finch
Plate 401 (Plate CDI), Red-breasted Merganser