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Yellow-headed Blackbird group
Wood Thrush on nest
Wood Thrush, nearer view
Where the Bellwort and anemone grow, figuire in distance is Miss Hubbard
T.S. Roberts. Yellow-Headed Blackbird Study (Box 5, Folder 42)
T.S. Roberts. Random notes (Box 5, Folder 40)
T.S. Roberts. Natural History Correspondence (Box 13, Folder 138)
T.S. Roberts. Longmeadow Gun Club notes (Box 5, Folder 41)
T.S. Roberts. Journal and lists of birds (Box 5, Folder 39)
Trillium, nodding
Trillium, nodding
Three eggs, Herring Gull
Three eggs
Sora Rails, two young
Rosy Gull Eggs
Robin feeding young
Robin, adult, young and nest
Robin, adult, young, and nest
Robin, adult, young and nest