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Young girl standing next to an Elm in the distance at Long Meadow
View on Nicollet Creek
T.S. Roberts. Notes (Box 5, Folder 45)
T.S. Roberts. Natural History Correspondence (Box 13, Folder 140)
T.S. Roberts. Itasca Park notes (Box 5, Folder 46)
T.S. Roberts. Itasca Park bird lists, type written notes (Box 5, Folder 47)
T.S. Roberts. Itasca Park Bird List (Box 5, Folder 47)
Three young Kingbirds
Three young Kingbirds
Silver bass, crappie
Showy Lady's Slipper
Showy Lady's Slipper
Schoolcraft River south of Lake Plantagenet looking northeast toward Lake Plantagenet
Schoolcraft Island, Lake Itasca
Schoolcraft Island
Schoolcraft Island
Red-eyed Vireo, nest and eggs
Red-eyed Vireo nest
Record post on Morrison Hill between Elle Lake and Lake Itasca
Record post at the corner of Beltrami and Hubbard Counties