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Report of F. B. Whitmore, M.D.
Report of James H. Wallace
Report of W.E. Taylor
Report of R. R. Service
Joint Report, C. C. Rutledge and F. O. Leiser, Chinese Department, Hong Kong
The Young Men's Christian Association of Hong Kong, Report for the first quarter of 1906
From the Fourth Quarterly Report, 1906. Chinese Y. M. C. A., Shanghai
Report of Arthur Rugh
Report of Arthur Rugh
Third Annual Report. International Committee of Young Men's Christian Association, New York City. Arthur Rugh, October 1906, Shanghai
Report of C.H. Robertson
Report of W. B. Pettus
Joint Report, J. L. McPherson and C. C. Rutledge, European Department, Hong Kong
Report of L. E. McLachlin
Report of D. Willard Lyon
Report of W.W. Lockwood
9th Annual Report of Robert E. Lewis, Secretary for Shanghai China for the year ending Sept. 30, 1906
Report of R. E. Lewis
Report of G. W. Leavitt
Dr. H. T. Hodgkin's Report to the International Committee of the Young Men's Christian Association for the year ending 30 Sept. 1906