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Local Association Reports. London. Exeter Hall Sir George Williams Memorial Committee interim report, 1907. (Box 27, Folder 10)
Report of F. B. Whitmore, M.D., Nanking
Report of James H. Wallace, Nanking
Report of W. E. Taylor, Hankow
Report of C. C. Rutledge, Hong Kong
13th Quarterly Report October 1-December 31, 1907 Arthur Rugh, Shanghai
Eighth Quarterly Report, Arthur Rugh
Report of Arthur Rugh, Shanghai
Report of C. H. Robertson, Tientsin
Report of W. B. Pettus, China
Report of J. L. McPherson, Hong Kong
Report of L. E. McLachlin, Foochow, China
Report of D. Willard Lyon, China
Report Letter W.W. Lockwood, Shanghai, Oct.24, 1907
Report of W. W. Lockwood, Shanghai
Report of Robert E. Lewis, Shanghai
Report of F. O. Leiser, Chinese Department, Hong Kong
Report of H. T. Hodgkin, Chentu
Report of Roscoe M. Hersey, Tientsin
Report of Robert R. Gailey, Peking and Tientsin