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Clark Gardner Nurseries, 1910 circa garden seeds
Iowa Seed Co., 1910 45 years
Iowa Seed Co., 1910 Bulbs and plants for fall planting
Iowa Seed Co., 1910 circa Postcard floral embossed, 3 flowers with stars & stripes shield
Iowa Seed Co., 1910 Postcard Corn
Iowa Seed Co., 1910 Postcard floral embossed, purple and white violets with starts and stripes border on top
Iowa Seed Co., 1910 Postcard floral embossed, red poppies with daisies
Iowa Seed Co., circa 1910 pansy postcard
Sherman Nursery, 1910 postcard roses
Sioux City Seed and Nursery Co., 1910 circa, postcard ""Be sure and buy reliable seeds from Sioux City Nursery""
Fort Bayard
Heller Brothers Co. The Roses of the Garden Catalog 1910
Henry Field Seed Co. Annual Seed Catalogue 1910
J.A. Everitt bird postcard "A Happy New Year," circa 1910
Pan Handle Nurseries Wholesale Catalogue Fall 1910
1910 circa advertisement (small card), Archias' Seed Store Corp.
1910 Seed Catalogue Seeds of Quality
1910 Year Book no covers, incomplete, Stark Bro's Nurseries
Aberdeen Nursery Co. seed catalog, circa 1910
Autumn Catalogue
Crete Nurseries 1910 Seed Catalog
Gurney Seed & Nursery Co. 1910 Spring seed catalog
Harrison Nursery Company postcard, Plums, circa 1910
Harrison Nursery Company Strawberry postcard, circa 1910
J.L. Loebs Seed Co. 1910 seed catalog
May's Catalogue of Northern Grown Seeds
O.S. Jones Seed Co. 1910 post card
Seeds of Quality, "Choice Farm-Field-Lawn and Garden Seeds"
Spring Farm and Garden Seeds
The Barteldes Seed Co. Seed Annual, 1910 catalog
The Brown County Seed House 1910 catalog
Will, Oscar H., & Co. 1910 seed catalog
Geologic map and sections of the Marquette iron-bearing district, Michigan
Geologic map of Dead River area, Michigan
Carte du groupe d'Angkor
Pacific Ocean, Fiji Islands to Samoa Islands
República Argentina : superficie, población, ferro-carriles, cultivos y ganados
Administrative map of Yosemite National Park, California
Southern California : sheet no. 3
Tongass National Forest : Alaska
Aunt Jane's nieces in society
The emerald city of Oz
Abraham and Ida Sachs family
Benjamin Milavetz campaign card, Virginia, Minnesota
Kozberg Saloon, Lead, South Dakota
Miss Swambro's 3rd Grade Class, Eureka, South Dakota
Map of Oregon
Map of the state of Colorado showing the coal and metalliferous areas
State of Colorado : compiled from the official records of the General land office and other sources