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Young Men's Christian Association Building, Holyoke, Mass.
Young, George J
YMCA of New York Annual Report, 1910
YMCA of Brooklyn Annual Report, 1910
Wulling, Frederick John
Wulling, Frederick John
Work peoples college
Workers hall
Workers hall
Workers hall
Workers at a hat factory, St. Paul, Minnesota
Women's League Council
Will, Oscar H., & Co. 1910 seed catalog
Williamsbridge Colored Men's Association, 1910. (Box 317, Folder 4)
Wilkin, Mathilda Campbell
What a cook ought to know about corn starch
Wesbrook Hall. Minneapolis Campus
Wedding of Fanny "Frima" Abramovitch and Isadore (Iezy Itzik) Spizman in St. Paul, Minnesota
Washburn-Crosby's Gold Medal cook book