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The battle fronts of Europe
Corn products cook book
Sectional map and a few convincing facts of Carlton County and vicinity
Everybody's Gospel songs : a benefit book
Great Tabernacle hymns : for use in Gospel meetings, Evangelistic services, Sunday schools, prayer meetings and Young people's societies
University of Minnesota YWCA Chapter. Membership records. (Box 23, Folder 43)
S. B. Collins
Woman and child
Actors on the Hibbing workers hall stage
Actors perform at the Hibbing workers hall
Armas Hattara
Armas Hattara
Boarding house
Boarding house
Carl Paivio
Carl Paivio
Carl Paivio
Carl Paivio with sister
Company band
Composing room
Composing room
Delivery men
Family outside their home
Female office clerk
Finnish union members
Five men
Fourth of July
Girl in first communion dress
Group of men
Hibbing workers hall
Home from the war
Hunting party
Jewelery store
Joseph Mihm's family
Logging camp
Lumber camp
Meeting hall
Miners laying railway
Miners laying track
Model T Ford
Office workers
Office workers
Office workers
Portrait of Aino Sade
Portrait of Aunna Hill
Portrait of Lenin
Portrait of sisters