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Zum Andenken an Pas-de-Calais : Grosse aus Ablain und Lens
Za nasi svobodu! ku predus Ceskoslovenskou Armadou!
Za nasi samostatnost! : Hrr na vraha! : Za demokracii! : Ceskoslovenska Armada
Za nasi samostatnost Ceskoslovenska Armada
Y.W.C.A. New York City hostess houses : Reception room, cafeteria, lodging for women relatives and friends of men in
Ypres : Apres la Guerre Route de Furnes et le chateau d'eau
"You won't let me starve, will you?" : I am little Shushan, from Armenia...
You won't let me starve, will you? : Armenian and Syrian relief : Children like Shushan need food, clothing, and she
You, wireless fans, help the Navy get the Hun submarine : 1000 radio men wanted in the Navy and the Naval Reserve :