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Buy a Liberty Bond : help our boys at the front by joining the Patriotic Service League
Riunite e per sempre
After the welcome home-- a job!
Lend the way they fight : buy bonds to your utmost
Join the Navy : the service for fighting men
Come on -- join now : 15,000,000 members by Christmas
Are you in this?
United behind the service star : United War Work Campaign
Aumoniers -- Armee Belge
Infanterie -- Armee Belge.
Lanciers -- Armee Belge.
Mitrailleuses -- Armee Belge.
Pontonniers -- Armee Belge.
George the Fifth has signed bills giving votes to women of five great Canadian Provinces. He will soon sign a bill g
La guerre en Argonne : Neuvilly (Meuse) -- l'eglise detruite par les bombardements
Neuvilly (Meuse) en 1914 route de Varennes, suivie par Louis XVI le jour de son arrestation : Neuvilly (Meuse) en 19
Follow the impulse : make a generous lenten offering for the cold, hungry and homeless women and children of Poland
Give or we perish : American Committee for Relief in the Near East : Armenia -- Greece -- Syria -- Persia : campaign
Help our wartime work with girls : in and near military cantonments in munitions plants and uniform factories in dev