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Znager, Helen Elizabeth
Y.W.C.A. : in service for the girls of the world
Young, Thomas O.
YMCA urban work records. Building Bureau of Int. Confe, The Building Enterprise of a City YMCA, 1919. (Box 5, Folder 4)
YMCA of New York Annual Report, 1919
YMCA of Brooklyn Annual Report, 1919
YMCA Hanger Theater Andernach
"Y" Hut Soissons
Wyvell, Alice Gertrude
Wyatt, OS
W. W. Cline, Annual Report, Kaifeng, Honan, October 7th, 1919
W. W. Cline, Annual Letter, Peitaiho, August 8, 1919
W... R... Station, Germany. "Y" Tent and Movie Screen.
World War I. War Personnel Board. Training Program of War Work Council, 1919. (Box 30, Folder 4)
World War I. War Personnel Board. General, 1919. (Box 30, Folder 5)
Workers at a laundry shop, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Woolsey, Adelaide Elizabeth
Women in hats
Wolean, Alma Bertha
Winslow, Raymond Martin