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1920, Archias' Seed Store Corp.
1920 August 1 Price List, Stark Bro's Nurseries
1920 circa Poultry catalog, St. Louis Seed Co.
1920 FALL Price List
1920 Prize Fruits & Trees, Stark Bro's Nurseries
A.C. Anderson seed catalog, circa 1920
A.C. Anderson Spring seed catalog, circa 1920
Adams, E. Maurice: Vermilion (Box 07, Folder 04)
Administration Report, October 12, 1920
Administration Report of W. W. Lockwood, Shanghai, 1920
Administrative Report, C. W. Petitt, Shanghai, China, November 1920
Administrative Report, Replies to Dr. Lyon's Questions, November 5th, 1920
Administrative Report, Wayne C. Jordan
Administrative Report, W. W. Cline, Kaifeng, China, November 19, 1920
A game of baseball
Ag Engineers began research on durability of concrete drain tile, testing resistance to sulfates and carbonates, 1920
Alderman, William Horace
Alec, Canny Scot
Alexander 1920 calendar : Alexander : leather belting
Alexander Brothers : leather belting : January calendar