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Correspondence and reports, 1923 (Box 2, Folder 4)
Annual Administration Report of Hollis A. Wilbur, Shanghai, China, for year 1923
Annual Statistical Report for the year ending December 31, 1923, P. R. Tomlinson
Annual Administration Report, Tsinan, Shantung, China, April 8, 1924
Report of Taiyuan, Young Men's Christian Association, 1923
Annual Administrative Report of Lennig Sweet, Boys' Work Secretary, Peking, China, For The Year Ending December 31, 1923
The 1923 Annual Administration Report to the International Committee Submitted by R. H. Stanley, Tsinan, China, April 21st, 1924
Annual Administation Repport, Chengchow, Honan, China, March 13, 1924, B. W. Smith
Suchowfu Kiangsu Young Men's Christian Association-Provisional Organization with the Chengchow Honan Y.M.C.A.-Branch Hostel.
Administration Report for 1923, Charles C. Shedd, Wu-Han, May 21, 1924
Annual Administrative Report, 1923, Taiyuanfu, Shansi, China, C. E. Scofield, March 15, 1924.
Annual Administration Report 1923, H. J. Rounds
Annual Administration Report of A. G. Robinson for year 1923, Tientsin, China (March 21, 1924)
Annual Adminsitration Report, J. E. Platt, for year 1923, Moukden, Manchuria
Annual Administration Report for 1923, V. DeL. Parker, Foochow
Annual Administrative Report for 1923, February 19, 1924.
Report for 1923, E. H. Munson, February 28, 1924.
Annual Administration Report for 1923, Hong Kong, R. L. Moeller, March 10, 1924.
Annual Report, 1923, J. L. McPherson
1923 Administration Report of T. C. McConnell, Foochow, Fukien, China To The Foreign Department of The International Committee Of The North Amercian Young Men's Christian Association