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Annual Administrative Report for 1925, Mark H. Wheeler
A Letter to Mr. F. B. Lenz, [Stamped as] Personal and Confidential, Changsha, Hunan, China. July 13th, 1925
Annual Report 1925, R. K. Veryard, Changsha, Hunan
Present Ferment In China A Spiritual Movement, R. K. Veryard, Changsha
Report, E. A. Turner, Hangchow, April 10, 1926
Annual Report for 1925, Lawrence Todnem, Tsinanfu, China
Annual Report of H. R. Sweetman for the year 1925, Chengtu, China, April 10, 1926
Repport of H. R. Sweetman for the year 1925, Chengtu, Szechwan, China, May 11, 1926
Annual Administrative Report For 1925 of Lennig Sweet, Boys Work Secretary, Peking, China
Annual Report, W. R. Stewart For The Year 1925, May 20th, 1926
The 1925 Annual Administration Report to the National Council Submitted by R. H. Stanley, Tsinan, China, January 4th, 1926
Annual Report For Year 1925, B. W. Smith, Chungking, June 10, 1926
Annual Report of Lawrence M. Sears, Peiking, April 14, 1926
Administrative Report of C. E. Scofield For 1925
Annual Report of the Association Work in Nanchang, China for the year of 1925, Ben. H. Schmidt
Letter to Mr. H. W. Hoover, Arthur Rugh, June 13, 1925
Report Letter to Mrs. G. A. Jonhston Ross, Arthur Rugh, August 19, 1925
H. J. Rounds, 1925, Annual Letter, Changsha, Hunan, China
Annual Report of W. B. Pettus For The Year 1925, Peking, China. April 8, 1926
Annual Report for the year 1925, C. W. Petitt, April 22, 1926